Viking Mini Klip Toy Lawn mower

Lovely little toy mower made by Viking in their authentic green colours. The Mini Klip is an agile, toy lawnmower complete with it’s own grass box and featuring mowing sounds. The Mini Klip lawnmower is suitable for ages 2 –

Replacement chain set for Stihl battery operated toy chain saw

Stihl spare set of replac ment rubber chains for the Stihl battery operated toy chain saw.Includes 4 rubber chains and 1 tool but NOT the toy saw itself

Stihl Children’s Battery Toy Chainsaw

Battery powered toy Stihl chain saw with an 18cm plastic bar and realistic moving rubber chain meaning your little one will have fun “cutting” down trees and branches in and around the garden.With a pull of the recoil the toy

John Deere Junior Tractor/Loader/Excavator

The John Deere Rolly Junior tractor comes with a front loader and rear excavator. Bonnet opens at the front and the seat is adjustable. Suitable for age 3 years plus.

John Deere 7930 Toy Tractor & Front Loader with Pneumatic Tyres

This John Deere 7930 Toy Tractor comes complete with a quick remove system front loader and tipping digger bucket. In authentic John Deere green and yellow.It also has an opening bonnet, pneumatic tyres (for a faster, smoother ride and better

John Deere 7930 Toy Tractor with Front Loader

The John Deere 7930 toy tractor comes complete with a quick remove system frontloader with tipping digger bucket.The 7930 pedal tractor also has an opening bonnet and has a 3 position adjustable seat.Suitable for children ages 3 plus. Height from

John Deere 7930 Toy Tractor

The John Deere 7930 toy tractor has a front opening bonnet and adjustable seat. Authentic green and yellow John Deere styling.Suitable for ages 3 plus.Mechanical features include a strong 12mm thick rear axle, covered integral fixed wheel chain drive, a

John Deere 6210R Toy Tractor & Frontloader with Pneumatic Tyres

Be the best little helper around with your own pedal driven John Deere 6210R toy tractor with a front loader and air pneumatic tyres. Carry leaves to the compost or just sand to and from your sandpit.New to the range

John Deere 6210R Toy Pedal Tractor with Frontloader

New to the range of larger John Deere pedal tractors the John Deere 6210R toy ride on tractor comes complete with a frontloader. Suitable for ages 3 years and above. This new John Deere 6210R kids tractor with loader has

John Deere 6210R Toy Pedal Tractor

Hardwearing against knocks the John Deere 6210R toy pedal tractor suitable for ages 3 plus. The new John Deere 6210R pedal tractor has a front opening bonnet, profiled wheels and tyres with an outer band for a quieter ride over

John Deere 360 Degree Digger

This John Deere mobile 360 degree excavator features a realistic mechanisim using two hand operated levers allowing earth & sand to be scooped up and deposited elsewhere.Also has an automatic locking arm.The digger unit can spin through 360 degrees on

John Deere Mounted Road Sweeper

A fully functinal John Deere toy road sweeper with rotating roller brush.The collection container can be removed to be emptied.Fits on the front of the John Deere Rolly Junior, Xtrac, Farm Trac and Unimog ranges.Suits ages 3 years plus.

John Deere Rolly Toy Snow Master Plough

John Deere 55cm toy snow plough with two attaching methods to the tractor – Direct to the front of the tractor – or on a RollyTrac loader.Dimensions: H 13.5cm x L 55cm x W 36cmWill only fit John Deere pedal

John Deere Toy Backhoe Loader Attachment

Another add-on to any of the Rolly Toys Tractors range. This John Deere backhoe-loader is for children ages 3 and up and is great fun to add onto your child’s John Deere Rolly tractor and away they go. Hours of

John Deere Toy Mini Tractor

This is the first tractor for John Deere’s small fans. Includes horn, storage space under bonnet, knee indentation. Has stable steering stubaxle. Now called the John Deere 6150 mini trac tractorSuitable for age 1 year plus.

John Deere Kipper Trailer

A small John Deere rear tipping trailer. Single axle tipping trailer for rolly toys pedal tractors.Suits ages 3 years plus.Dimensions: H 60cm x W 45cm x L 34.5cm

John Deere Toy Rolly Container Truck

Large John Deere rolly dumper trailer with rear tipper, settling box and rear openable plates. Suitable for all John Deere pedal tractors excluding the MiniTrac.Suitable for ages 3 and above.

John Deere Multi Trailer

This John Deere high sided toy Multi-Trailer has six wheels with pivoting front wheels for easier manoeuvrability and drop down sides for added play value.The three way trailer can be tipped left, right and to rear using a crank handle.Height

John Deere Toy Hay Wagon

This John Deere Toy Trailer will attach to all the John Deere Rolly Pedal Toy Tractors. Suitable for age 3 years and over.

John Deere Vacumax Water Tanker with Spray Nozzle

Help out with watering the plants and grass around the garden with this John Deere rolly sprayerJohn Deere Vacumax water tanker with pump, spray nozzle and rear tap for water spreading.Suitable for ages 3 and above.Dimensions: 75 x 45 x