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Wilkinson Sword Hatchet Axe

This small but handy 40cm hatchet axe from Wilkinson Sword is a great all rounder. Keep it close for cutting up logs, making kindling and keeping unruly branches under control. The hatchet axe has a high quality fibreglass handle with

Wilkinson Sword Felling Axe

This large felling axe can be used for felling trees and cutting large branches with ease. Its long 90cm handle means more force can be applied, ensuring the axe works hard in tough situations.The felling axe has a high quality

Wilkinson Sword Splitting Axe

A splitting axe is the ideal tool for cutting up logs into manageable pieces for use on wood burning stoves and fires. This axe has a long 90cm handle meaning more force can be applied.The splitting axe has a high

Wilkinson Sword Grenade

This Wilkinson Sword granade can also be used to split logs. Simply insert it into the centre of a large log and apply force with a mallet or the back of an axe.