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WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Pond Net 35cm/30cm WKM

Collect duckweed, insects and other fine debris from the garden pond with the Multi-Change WKM pond net from WOLF-Garten.  Measuring 30cm x 35cm, the WKM pond net features extra fine mesh for the removal of small particles.  The flexible frame

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Cord Tidy ZSM

The unique principle of the multi-star Seilfix ZS-M proves to be highly convenient when cutting in tall trees. Thanks to the automatic rope tensioner, the rope always remains taut: No slippage, no tangling up in the branches and no getting

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Window Wiper and Small Handle 35cm FWM

Ideal for window washing in the conservatory and greenhouse, as well as all around the home, the WOLF-Garten Multi-Change FWM window wiper is supplied with ZM02 small handle.  The 35cm wide wiper features top quality rubber lips and integrated 110º

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Weeding Brush FBM

The Multi-Change FBM weeding brush features strong bristles that can be used to remove moss and weeds from large areas of patio and pathing.  The high quality brush is designed with three rows of extra tough bristles that go right

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Weeding Brush Replacement Heads (Twin…

Pack of two replacement brush heads for the Multi-Change FBM weeding brush.  The brush features strong bristles that can be used to remove moss and weeds from large areas of patio and pathing.  The high quality brush is designed with

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Garden Scraper FKM

The Multi-Change FKM garden scraper is designed to remove grass, moss and weeds from between paving slabs, from corners in walls, and steps.  The galvanised, hardened steel blade ensures a long working life and a precise cut.  All handles in

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Window Washer 35cm EWM

Ideal for window washing in the conservatory and greenhouse – the Multi-Change EWM from WOLF-Garten. The 35cm wide washer features a removable and washable microfibre mop, together with an integrated 110º rotating head which adjusts to suit different window surfaces

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Angle Broom 25cm BW25M

The Multi-Change BW25M angle broom makes light work of cleaning areas which are normally out of reach, when attached to any of WOLF-Garten’s telescopic handles.  Featuring an adjustable working angle and 25cm width, this brush is also the perfect tool

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Decking Brush 37cm BS40M

This scrubbing brush with sturdy bristles is ideally suited to cleaning large areas of decking, on terraces, patios and balconies. 

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Dustpan and Small Handle 25cm BKM

The highly stable Multi-Change BKM outdoor dustpan features a 25cm wide collecting surface and can be adapted indivually and continuously to the state of the ground thanks to the integral 150º tilting joint mechanism.  The BKM is supplied with the

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change House Brush 40cm BF40M

Perfectly suitable for all cleaning jobs around the house and garden, the WOLF-Garten Multi-Change BF40M house broom has a working width of 40cm.  Natural horsehair / flexon mix bristles ensure optimum cleaning efficiency and harder wear.The Multi-Change ZM140 ash handle

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Patio Brush 37cm B40M

Ideally suited to use around the home and garden, the WOLF-Garten Multi-Change B40M patio brush features long, strong synthetic bristles which ensure clean outside surfaces.  Featuring a working width of 37cm, the Multi-Change ZM140 ash handle works well with the

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Flexi Broom 25cm B25M

The cleaning of steps, gutters and narrow paved paths is a breeze thanks to the Multi-Change B25M flexi broom from WOLF-Garten.  With a working width of 25cm, the flexi broom features extra long, pliable synthetic bristles which sweep clinging dirt

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Yard Broom 31cm B30M

Strong 70mm long synthetic bristles achieve perfect cleaning results with the WOLF-Garten Multi-Change BM30M yard broom.   Ideally suited to all general cleaning tasks around the home and garden, the BM30M has a working width of 31cm.  The ZM140 ash handle