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The Handy THPSP Push Snow Plough

The simple yet effective design of The Handy push snow plough, with its 568mm working width, makes it easy to clear paths, driveways and entrances. Snow is pushed by the impeller to the right. The plough is made from impact-resistant

Gardencare AC31511 79kg Towed Drop Spreader

The Gardencare AC31511 towed drop spreader will allow you to accurately distribute seed, weedkiller and fertiliser over large areas. As the distribution of the spread material is kept within the area of the wheels, there is virtually no wastage and

Gardencare AC31504 36kg Push Garden Spreader

This walk-behind broadcast spreader from Gardencare is tough, strong and durable, making it a good choice for year round use. In the warmer months, it is great for spreading seed, fertiliser or weed killer. Likewise, in winter it can be

Gardencare AC31505 45kg Push Garden Spreader

This push-propelled broadcast spreader from Gardencare is a robust multi-purpose unit, making it ideally suited for year round use. In spring and summer, it is perfect for spreading seed, fertiliser or weed killer to improve your lawn. When the temperature

Gardencare AC31510 79kg Towed Broadcast Spreader

This large-capacity broadcast spreader from Gardencare is designed for the thorough and efficient application of seed, fertiliser, salt and pesticides over large areas. The trailed spreader has a wide 3.5m distribution pattern which means you will be able get the

Caretaker Winter Safety Pack

Be prepared for winter and the hazards that freezing temperatures can bring to your place of work.  Whether it’s an office, council building, school or hospital, it is vital that access to premises are kept free from snow and ice

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change All Purpose Rake 50cm DRM3IN1

New to the WOLF-Garten Multi-Change range is the DRM3IN1 all purpose rake, ideal for raking leaves and garden refuse with a 50cm working width.

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Longspan Rake 58cm UHM

The WOLF-Garten UHM Multi-Change longspan rake is the specialist for clearing lawns by simply pushing the sturdy, close-set, specially-shaped tines backwards and forwards.  In addition, it is also very suitable for levelling newly-laid lawns. The working width of this quality

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Leaf Rake 42cm UIMC

Whether you are clearing flower beds, lawn or patio areas, the WOLF-Garten Multi-Change leaf rake will get the job done with ease.  It is also ideal for covering seeds.  A high quality plastic rake, the WOLF-Garten Multi-Change UIM is lightweight

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Roller Moss Removal Rake 30cm URM3

Featuring oscillating operation and smooth-running wheels, the WOLF-Garten Multi-Change roller moss removal rake is the perfect tool for thoroughly cleaning moss and thatch from small areas of lawn.  The sharp, hardened barbed blades do not require resharpening and are therefore

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Springtine Rake 50cm UAM

Make the chore of collecting moss and weeds from your lawn a whole lot easier with the WOLF-Garten Multi-Change UAM springtine rake.This springtine rake features a unique curved fan shape which gives you a large collecting area of up to

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Lawn Rake 50cm UBM

Thanks to the specially-shaped round spring tines of the WOLF-Garten Multi-Change UBM, this lawn rake won’t get caught in the grass.  With a 50cm working width, the UBM lawn rake features a curved fan shape with polypropylene body, ideal for

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Moss Removal Rake 30cm UGM

Aerate your lawn with the minimum of fuss and effort with the Multi-Change UGM moss removal rake.  The head swings back and forth to help the rake ‘glide’ over the lawn when pushed, and ‘bite’ into the lawn when pulled.

The Handy HX485 Snow Shovel

Clear snow fast with this snow shovel from The Handy. The shovel head is constructed from hardwearing, corrosion-proof plastic with a metal blade edge. The shaft features an ergonomic rubber cover and a textured, easy-to-grip plastic handle.

WOLF-Garten SNM55ZMAD 55cm Plastic Snow Shovel

Don’t get caught out this winter! Heavy snowfall over the last few winters has meant the need to clear snow from paths and driveways has become an increasingly regular chore.  The WOLF-Garten SNM55ZMAD is a lightweight yet highly durable shovel

TurfMaster SH 460 Snow Pusher

Simply push snow out of the way with the SH 460 from TurfMaster!The SH 460 snow pusher has an wide 60cm clearing width.  The shovel head is made of robust plastic, whilst the handle is steel.  Once the shovel head

WOLF-Garten SNM42ZMAD 42cm Plastic Snow Shovel

If recent winters are anything to go by, extreme cold weather and the need to clear snow and ice from paths and driveways is becoming an increasingly regular chore.  The WOLF-Garten SNM42ZMAD plastic snow shovel will prove an invaluable purchase

WOLF-Garten SNM45ZMAD 45cm Aluminium Snow Shovel

The WOLF-Garten SNM45ZMAD is a well balanced, robust aluminium snow shovel which is light, stable and strong.  Cold shock resistant down to -40ºC, the WOLF-Garten SNM45ZMAD is specifically designed to push, lift and move snow.  Featuring a 45cm working width

TurfMaster SH 430 Plastic Snow Shovel

Clear snow the easier way with this snow shovel from TurfMaster!The SH 430 snow shovel has a 36″ clearing path.  The shovel head is made of robust plastic, whilst the shaft is aluminium with comfort grip.Don’t be caught out this

WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Lawn Edge Iron 22.5cm RMM

The WOLF-Garten RMM Multi-Change lawn edging iron is the classic tool head for straightening lawn edges.  With its traditional half moon design, it cuts off overhanging grass cleanly with its sharp, hardened blade. The working width of this quality product