Efco MT 4100 SP Low Emission Petrol Chainsaw 39cc/16″

The Efco MT 4100 SP petrol chainsaw guarantees performance at the top of its class.  Its design incorporates technology usually only employed on higher specification chainsaws, enabling the MT 4100 SP to cut effortlessly and quickly, with the maximum efficiency.Powered by Emak’s Burn Right engine, this advanced petrol chainsaw complies with Euro 2 emission standards with reduced emissions, lower fuel consumption and low noise.  The Efco MT-4100SP chainsaw has a powerful 39cc two-stroke engine making it the perfect power tool for chopping logs, lopping, pruning and felling.  It features a high quality Oregon 41cm (16″) guide bar.Efco’s user-friendly Easy-On starting system ensures a smooth pick-up of the engine with no kickback, and limits the number of pulls required.  With a semi-automatic choke, a single lever controls both half-throttle and choke functions for easy starting every time.  Maintenance is simplified thanks to the filter/spark plug cover which can be opened without the need for tools.  Nickel cylinder and forged steel connecting rod and crankshaft ensure long term efficiency is guaranteed.User comfort is provided by the five-point anti-vibration system and ergonomically designed controls.  Maximum safety is provided by features such as anti-kickback protection and a front guard for hand protection.Feel like a professional with this tough, safe and easy to use petrol chainsaw.

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