Eliet E600 Compactor

Dethatching has become a common and natural way of caring for the lawn. Our current climate allows moss to grow quickly in the spring, suffocating the lawn as a result. Dethatching is a fast and efficient way to remove most moss and other weeds from the lawn and it gives the grass the required room to grow into a thick lawn.
Eliet offers an all-in-one-solution with its E600 Compactor which not only removes the moss and thatch from the lawn, it also collects and compacts it in a collector unit. The Eliet E600 Compactor is a true revolution for professional lawn tractors, turning the time consuming and tedious detatching procedure into a simple and fast process.
For this innovation, Eliet was awarded the prestigious ‘Golden Buxus’ Award at the 2011 Agribex.

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