Garden Pride GP26BV Petrol Blower Vacuum

The Garden Pride GP26BV is a versatile 3-in-1 machine giving you the choice of how you want to deal with fallen leaves in your garden. Either blow them into a pile, or convert to vacuum mode and suck them up, reducing the volume of debris by shredding the leaves into the large collection bag which, in turn will give you valuable compost for your garden.
Powering the blower vac is a 26cc two-stroke petrol engine which whips up an average air volume of 0.17m³/s. Unlike lesser machines, the shredding system on the Garden Pride GP26BV features tough and durable metal blades which can handle other small objects like pine cones or twigs as well as leaves.
An excellent value for money machine backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty for homeowner use.

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