Garden Pride GP56BPB Backpack Blower

Superior professional features and performance combine with a superb price to make this backpack blower from Garden Pride appear to domestic, leisure and semi-commercial users alike.
A 56.5cc two-stroke engine powers the high-capacity blower fan to create impressive blowing capabilities with an average air volume of 0.3m³/s. The large diameter tube with flexible insert transports high speed air from the fan to the nozzle outlet tube, which incorporates a comfortable hand-grip so the operator can precisely direct the air flow to where it is needed. All the controls are located on the convenient hand-grip allowing convenient, fingertip control of the machine.
The Garden Pride GP56BPB is ergonomically designed and mounted within an all-encompassing frame. The engine and blower fan’s 9kg weight are carried comfortably by the user knapsack-style, supported by a twin shoulder padded harness.
Any location where it is important to maintain a clean and tidy appearance at all times will benefit from the blowing power of the Garden Pride GP56BPB offered at a very competitive price.

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