Mitox 26L-a Select Petrol Brush Cutter

The Mitox 26L-a Select is an exceptionally lightweight, yet powerful straight shaft petrol brush cutter, supplied with a bump-feed nylon line head and 255mm three tooth metal brush cutting blade for improved versatility. The Mitox 26L-a Select is equipped with a loop handle and full anti-vibration of the engine from the shaft.
As with all Mitox brush cutters, the Mitox 26L-a Select utilises an efficient, reliable full crank 25.4cc two-stroke engine fitted with a transmission clutch which transmits power through a solid steel drive shaft to the high performance gearbox. With easy starting and auto-choke, the 26L-a is supplied with a shoulder harness designed to reduce operator fatigue.
Mitox brush cutters are built to wishstand tough challenges, with high quality heat-treated drive gears, strong 26mm outer shafts and 8mm solid steel drive shafts ensuring durability over extended periods and a long working life.
The homeowner’s all round brush cutter, the Mitox 26L-a Select weighs 6.3kg and will comfortably perform both light trimming tasks and tackle areas of heavy grass and weeds – the perfect choice for the more demanding gardener.

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