Handy THSS80 Salt Spreader

Gritting or salting your property has become an essential bit of Winter work. Using a walk behind spreader for your ice melting material makes this less of a chore.A Handy THSS80 wheeled salt spreader is a good item of equipment

Handy THSS100 salt Spreader

Take the hardwork out of gritting your path or drive this Winter with a wheeled salt spreader. Avoid queuing with your shovel by the local salt bin. Just fill this Handy spreader up and away you go!.A Handy THSS100 will

Handy (80lbs) Push Wheeled Spreader

An excellent wheeled lawn spreader that will handle grass seed, granules, fertiliser etc. Many of these have been sold for salt spreading and have proved an excellent machine for spreading de-icing materials quickly over car parks and pavements.FEATURES & BENEFITS:36.5kg

Handy 50lbs Push Wheeled Spreader

Lightweight and compact the Handy THS50 is ideal for spreading lawn and garden fertilisers including salt in cold weather conditions. A quick, efficient way to cover large areas like pavements and car parks.An excellent push lawn spreader with a 23kg

Handy 125lbs Push Spreader

This push spreader from Handy Garden machinery is made from durable plastic and has a 125lb hopper capacity and 10 – 12 foot spreading width.For use with dry materials like fertiliser, weed killer, sand or grit. The Handy 125lb spreader

Handy Poly Dump Cart

From the Handy range of gardening equipment is the Handy Poly Dump/Tipping Cart.Made from hard wearing polycarbonate the large hopper can hold 200kgs and has a water carrying capacity of 125 litres.The dual purpose handle can be used for towing

Handy THMPC Tipping Garden Trolley with Liner

The Handy 300kg multi-purpose garden trolley is brilliant in areas where you need to move large or heavy loads. Fitted with a removable plastic liner the Handy cart can be filled with plants, grass or hedge trimmings, wood, logs or

Handy Four Wheel Garden Trolley Cart (350kg load)

This excellent quality Handy  four wheel garden trolley has steering to the front wheels. The 30cm diameter wheels have 4-ply puncture -less pneumatic tyres and roller bearings. The THLGT trolley comes complete with mesh drop down sides. The trolley cart

The Handy B&S Mini Transporter

The Handy all-terrain transporter is ideal for moving landscaping and building supplies like soil or sand. As the transporter runs on tracks not wheels it is less likely to tip over or get stuck on slippery surfaces if you are

Handy 500lb Tipper Trailer

This Handy towed tipping trailer has a carrying capacity of 500lbs and has a durable powder coated steel construction.The THGT500 also features removable sides and a tailgate.Specifications:Capacity: 500lb (227kg)Internal Dimensions: 97cm (L) X 71.5cm (W) X 30.5cm (D)Overall Size: 146.6cm

Handy Garden Trolley (Small)

An excellent value-for-money four wheel trolley cart for all sorts of uses around the garden. Will carry up to 200kg!. Can be used as a push / pull garden cart or with the hitch pin to tow behind a garden

Handy Heavy Duty Folding Sack Truck

This Handy Folding Sack Truck is a really useful additon to the garden; ideal for transporting bags of compost and other materials. It has a folding baseplate and with a 200kg capacity is a real sturdy tool. Its pneumatic wheels

Handy 60lbs Drop Spreader

Handy Garden push drop spreader with a 60lb capacity and 22″ spread width. Ideal for using fertiliser on lawns.Specifications:56cm (22″) Spread WidthDirect DrivePlastic WheelsFeed ControlPoly HopperManufacturer’s 12 month warranty

Stihl Toy Work Outfit for Children

The Stihl children’s toy work outfit includes toy helmet, gloves and glasses.Please Note: These items have no protective function.

Stihl Children’s Battery Toy Brushcutter

This battery operated Stihl children’s brush cutter has a 13cm diameter plastic blade that lights up meaning that your children will have fun “cutting” through the grass in and around the garden. With a pull of the cord the toy

Mountfield Combi Poly Cart

This is a Mountfield practical multi-purpose garden cart which can also be used as a wheel barrow. The towing hook is foldable so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space when it’s stored or in wheelbarrow mode.The trailers body is manufactured

Sherpa Garden Trolley Cart – Large

Sherpa 4 wheeled garden cart which can be towed behind a ride on mower or lawn tractor and hand propelled with the supplied handle.This large capacity (350kg) garden trolley has steering to the front wheels and large 4 ply flat

Sherpa Motorised Electric Wheelbarrow

Motorised electric wheel barrows like this Sherpa model are excellent for taking the strain out of moving gardening or building materials.Robust tubular steel construction with a steel tray which can hold up to a 150kg load. The power barrow is

SCH Towed Fertiliser Broadcaster TBS50

This towed fertiliser broadcaster from the SCH manufacturer has a hopper capacity of 50 litres.Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty

SCH Towed Fertiliser Broadcaster TBS100

This towed fertiliser broadcaster from the SCH manufacturer has a hopper capacity of 100 litres.Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty