Portek Log Master Saw Horse PO090

Chopping logs should never be a laborious chore. Two hands are never enough Three hands would be invaluable: one to hold the log and two to hold the chainsaw Using a chainsaw is hazardous, and even the most experienced operator can become careless, and oblivious to the dangers – especially with a repetitive job like logging. Prolonged periods of using a heavy chainsaw can also produce backache, and increase the likelihood of short cuts taken, so causing accidents.The Log Master can overcome these problems, and is probably the safest saw horse available. The chainsaw is clamped to the saw horse, and the weight of the saw is then carried on the frame, leaving the operator free to hold the log in position with one hand, and swing the chainsaw through the log with the other.This simple solution to an old problem makes the job easier, faster, and safer. Anyone with experience of chopping logs will appreciate the value of this clever design.The Portek Log Master Saw Horse is foldable for more compact storage in your shed or garage. This simple and robust saw horse will change the way you chop logs forever!

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