SCH W5500 2273 Litre Fast Tow Water Bowser (Electric or Petrol Pump)

This fast tow 2273 litre (500 gallon) bowser / waterer is fully road legal and mounted on a twin axle trailer with 50mm ball hitch, over-run brakes, jockey wheel, lighting and mudguards. The unit is fitted with internal baffles to minimise liquid surge in transit. The internal surfaces are treated with a butumastic coating to minimise flash rusting. A recirculating system is fitted for liquid feed mixing.
This model is available with either an electric or petrol driven pump. (Please select the pump option you require from the drop-down menu below.)
Six metres (20 feet) of heavy duty ½” hose is supplied with on/off lever tap and quick fit coupling for simple lance changeover. Two lances are also included; a short lance for tubs and flower beds; and a telescopic lance complete with rose head for basket watering up to 6 metre reach.
The standard finish is bronze green, but SCH can produce this water bowser in a single colour of your choice.
Please note: If the telescopic lance is not required, we can discount the price of this waterer. Please enter the discount coupon code NO LANCE at the checkout.

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